Want to learn more about wine? We want to teach you! We will offer regular wine classes in a fun and casual environment led by Master Sommelier Rebecca Fineman and Advanced Sommelier Chris Gaither. No matter what your level, we have you covered.

Wine Class

Tuesday February 26—The Kimmeridgian Trail, $45 per person, 1 hour, 5pm
Limited to 10 seats.

Join Master Sommelier, Rebecca Fineman, for a “hike” along the Kimmeridgian Trail. Covering a large swath of France—and beyond-- the “Kimmeridgian Trail” offers us a variety of wines, including Champagne, Chablis, and Sancerre, among others. Rebecca will guide you through a tasting of these wines, while discussing what Kimmeridgian is and its impact on wine. This 60-minute class does not require prior wine knowledge.

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Intro to wine stemware

Intro to kölsch beer